You are from the race of snowmen from the north of Narvandir. (hope that’s not a bad word or something) The people of the south, the Flondaronams, a civilization of fire humanoids decided to wage war over your people. You have been captured and sent to a war camp, there you must escape.


Move: A & D

Jump: Space

Attack: J

Made by:

Max:         Story & Progression Designer

Mirror:    Gameplay Designer

Serena:    Environment Artist

Eesta:       Character Artist (Enemies)

Angie:      Character Artist (Player)

Tom:          Programmer & Instructor

Made in 5 days

AuthorTom Kun
Made withUnity


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I'm the first view!

You are! 

can you ad upgrades like attack damage around the map the part in the snowy forest gets hard

We can add that later :D

bruh add this music i made it myself and you have permission to use it

Thats very cool! I will talk to my team to see if them want to use it! Thanks