Sad End -ING 

by Tom Kun.

   A game about the time when your girlfriend is mad at you. There will be  sad endings if you don't handle it perfectly.

     This theme is a sad ending.  Weekly Game Jam #109

   After brainstorming all the sad ending ideas, I figured that my worst nightmare is indeed very fun to explore. 


   Movement: W A S D

   Attack: Space  


     Girl friend will blame you every couple seconds, and it hurts your mental health. 

     Moreover, she will walk away randomly, where you need to follow her from killing herself. 

     If you are too far, ghost will be spawned to take girl friend's life. 

     However, if you are too close, you will annoy her, which hurt both of your health. 

     Be careful!  if her mental health goes down rapidly, she will rage at you and run you down! 

     A good news is that she will be happier after hitting you. 

     The only way for you to release some sadness is to hit the boxes... 

     So, choose you own sad endings :)

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